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Discipleship By Design


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This is a game for anyone involved in some kind of start-up/ ministry/project/ entrepreneurial endeavor/etc. Regardless of what you call whatever it is you do (maybe you’re not sure yourself), you’re probably asking questions about sustainability. Is this worth it? Do we have enough money? Can we make it through the year?

This game is designed to take you through a year-in-the-life of your organization. You will walk through the months, January through December, and answer questions along the way, all aimed at giving you greater insight into your start-up. Our hope is that by the end of the game you will have a clearer sense of what to do…or at least, what not to do.

The object of Whoopsie is to see if your start up can survive the year. You do this by setting up the board to represent your current state of affairs and then walking through each month of the year.